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I haven’t done one of these in a while since anyone coming here should have already stopped by Warren’s, but I’m getting a little traffic bump of very new folks, so!

Friday is FREAKANGELS — or, more precisely: Noon GMT Friday is when Warren Ellis’ (with the lovely art of Paul Duffield) FREAKANGELS goes live, with 6 new pages for the week.

FREAKANGELS is one of my weekly projects — my name’s down in the footer (which I should start calling the engine room, haha) of the site, ’cause I built ‘er and I’m up GMT noon every Friday to push ‘er live.  Oh, sure, we could go automated updates, but the best part of Friday mornings is when I sweep the sidewalk over at Whitechapel forum and start the weekly discussion thread.

Whitechapel, which I co-mod with Warren, is open 24/7/365, and Warren keeps the discussions new and turning over all week so there’s always a good and lively crowd — but the Friday morning comic posts are my chance to catch up with everyone while they’re all in the same place.  A bit like sitting down for dinner, but with delicious comics and first thing in the morning for most folks.

So that’s my Friday mornings.  And either you already knew that or you’ve no idea what I’m talking about.  In that last case, you’re going to want to start reading FREAKANGELS from the beginning.  And then stop by Whitechapel and say g’morning, yeah?


Links for 2024-11-14 via Warren Ellis

Saturday November, 14 2024 03:00 PM PST

cotton and candy via Irene Kaoru

Saturday November, 14 2024 09:48 AM PST

Will Cotton, CANDY CURLS, 2024, oil on linen, 34×24 inches

I can NOT explain my obsession with things made out of food, especially candy. It’s a longstanding affliction I have. Via NOTCOT.

Twitter Updates for 2024-11-14 via Kelly Sue DeConnick

Saturday November, 14 2024 08:26 AM PST

Twitter Updates for 2024-11-14 via Kelly Sue DeConnick

Saturday November, 14 2024 08:26 AM PST

Twitter Updates for 2024-11-14 via Kelly Sue DeConnick

Saturday November, 14 2024 08:26 AM PST

Steampunk Fashion at Steampunk Workshop via Libby Bulloff

Friday November, 13 2024 03:43 PM PST

So much steampunk we’re bleedin’ oil!

I’ve started my fashion column over at Jake von Slatt’s Steampunk Workshop. Have a look-see if you’ve a moment! I may begin cross-posting some content from here to there and back again, but this time I’m gonna make ya go look.

Thank you!

Twitter Updates for 2024-11-13 via Kelly Sue DeConnick

Friday November, 13 2024 08:26 AM PST

Twitter Updates for 2024-11-13 via Kelly Sue DeConnick

Friday November, 13 2024 08:26 AM PST

ghostwalker via Trixie Bedlam

Friday November, 13 2024 06:49 AM PST

trixiebedlam posted a photo:


been a long time since I spotted one of these. good to know Thundercut isn't RIP.

Matthew Ritchie via Irene Kaoru

Thursday November, 12 2024 05:30 PM PST

Brilliant article I am rereading over at artforum about one of my favorite contemporary artists, Matthew Ritchie. I haven’t actually thought about him much since I saw his 2024 show at Andrea Rosen (which was beautiful) but I almost want to mouth idiotic things like “everything he touches is fantastic” as though he were not just a guy. I am most drawn to artworks that speak to the mythical and larger than life, and his work always does so while creating its own language and operating very strictly within its own logic.

Matthew Ritchie in collaboration with Aranda\Lasch and Arup AGU, The Morning Line, 2024, mixed media.
Installation view, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville. Photo: Benjamin Aranda.

Somewhere amid this tangle of incomplete emancipations lies a great deal of the work that we call emergent today. A prime example is Matthew Ritchie?s current traveling?or is it self-replicating??project, a series of structures including, most recently, The Morning Line in Seville and The Dawn Line in London (now on view in New York). An earlier, scaled-down iteration, titled The Evening Line, was presented at last year?s Venice Architecture Biennale, with the larger, more expansive and centrifugal Morning Line following soon after. This trajectory itself is a sign that Ritchie?s work has found clear and unapologetic interest among architects, but, more germanely, Ritchie himself developed, resolved, and realized these structures only with the collaboration of Benjamin Aranda and Christopher Lasch, two young researchers who specialize in algorithmic design. While The Morning Line initially appears as a snarled tumbleweed of metal filigree accidentally forming both interior and exterior cavities for inhabitation, as well as the structure of transfers and arches necessary to keep it stable and upright, it quickly resolves in one?s perception as a pattern of modules that is rotated, displaced, and scaled at every level and along what appear to be determined paths. This is the moment when an underlying predisposition is sensed, which transforms one?s understanding of the work (the modules, in fact, are hand-generated cartoons that are computationally ?grown?). Ritchie brought to the table a taste for medieval knowledge systems and the dream of their comprehensive resolution within a pageantry of materials and narrative characters. His interest in the figures or actors of knowledge as points of compression of historical understanding and imagination, or simply as convenient ways of presenting these to the mind, belies a profound belief that the world encodes itself in its productions and that this code represents an asset and resource that could and ought to be tapped, if only we knew how.

Systems Theory - Sanford Kwinter

Conan! What Is Best In Life? via Warren Ellis

Thursday November, 12 2024 04:43 PM PST



(I feel I must point out that these are really not what are best in life, and that Molly Crabapple should be arrested and probably waterboarded for making me look at this.)

(And also this.)

(Cowgirls. Honestly.)

Links for 2024-11-12 via Warren Ellis

Thursday November, 12 2024 02:00 PM PST

HAPPY()SAD Tumblr Theme via Warren Ellis

Thursday November, 12 2024 01:54 PM PST

Because Ariana’s sliiiightly crazy, she’s created a free HAPPY()SAD theme for Tumblr users. This is, of course, based on the HAPPY()SAD t-shirt she and Rich Stevens released yesterday.

Twitter Updates for 2024-11-12 via Kelly Sue DeConnick

Thursday November, 12 2024 08:26 AM PST

Hailstorm & Rainbows via Kelly Sue

Wednesday November, 11 2024 04:14 PM PST

Kelly Sue posted a photo:

Hailstorm & Rainbows