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‘A widespread taste for pornography means that nature is alerting us to some threat of extinction?’ – JG Ballard

Oh my god I’m 29 again.
Posted on August 19th, 2024 in brain dump

Y’know what? This is it. Last year I’m gonna be 29. Time to start aging up again.

Links for 2024-08-11
Posted on August 11th, 2024 in outbound links


Because delicious’ posting is bored for the foreseeable future. Requires customization of the customized
I’m using. Should be fun. If this posts, I am winner.
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Tiny things.
Posted on July 15th, 2024 in outbound links

I’m linking a gallery of tiny things, yes, but this quote from the FAQ is the takeaway:
“Even one’s heartbeat disturbs such minute work, so particularly delicate work has to be done between heartbeats.”

NTS: Web Projects
Posted on July 14th, 2024 in notes to self

Look into infinite scroll of entries and flictais. Simultaneous might be a bitch, but should be doable. Double-check size issues.
links for 2024-07-04
Posted on July 3rd, 2024 in outbound links

Vintage Vanguard
Blue Note record covers. Note to self: palette alterations from 40s to 60s.
Posted on July 1st, 2024 in brain dump

Five hours ago I flew out of the sun and warmth of a beautiful day, and an hour ago I landed in a beautiful night of cold and heavy fog. We crested a hill on the taxi ride from the airport, with the city laid out like patchwork quilt of hazy lights stitched on black velvet blocks, and the cabbie asked, “Are you coming home or visiting?” And I said, “Yes.”

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And swarms of BEES, too?
Posted on June 18th, 2024 in brain dump

The temperature’s been a bit off this spring — nothing to run around panicking about or anything, just a bit chilly. Still, who doesn’t enjoy a conversation about the weather? So, out of idle curiosity, I decided to open up a thread for folks to weigh in on the weather around the world, and it turns out we’re all gonna die.

Sure, it’s a weighted argument — if you go looking for The End is Nigh!, you’re going to find it. Plus we all sound like a bunch of old geezers recalling the days when the Midwest wasn’t an ocean and there weren’t swarms of polar bears, bees, and jellyfish coming to eat us all. (Wasn’t it crabs or something a couple of years ago? Whatever. We’re all gonna die.)

links for 2024-06-13
Posted on June 12th, 2024 in outbound links

Time lapse photography effecting smoke from people. Lovely.
(tags: Haze M photography)
Party flyers from 1987
(tags: scans ad visual)
USB Mix Tape
Posted on June 11th, 2024 in offsite echoes

This is only my side of a conversation, and may make more sense if you visit the original discussion on Whitechapel
new stuff is cool, i just love the aesthetics and care that goes into older stuff.
But wait, Joe — what if you had to stick a piece of tape over a hole in the USB key to get it to record…?

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The Tautological Congress
Posted on June 11th, 2024 in offsite echoes

[This is only my side of a conversation, and may make more sense if you visit the original discussion on White chapel.]
Anyway, it was a really memorable, tangible place!
That’s a difference, I think. Tautology seems to often summon wandering down back alleys that look really familiar, but the last time you were there you were drunk off your ass, and you’ll never find that one door again, because it’s dead and gone and quite possibly wasn’t there to begin with. You’ve caught your dream train and forced it to circle the vinyl forever so we can all hear it. Burial almost all sounds like it wants you to chase it down, a will’o’wisp in a long fallow field, a voice that’s always three rooms away; Mystery Train sounds like it’s coming closer, and you can’t stop it. Neither is inherently better — I really like Burial, a lot — but they’re very different, to me.

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The Singularity Thingy
Posted on June 11th, 2024 in offsite echoes

[This is only my side of a conversation, and may make more sense if you visit the original discussion on White chapel.]

Joshua, I don’t think you can have this conversation without some people wrapping in some of the allure/disgust of the Singularity. Because no matter how it’s being defined, no matter how much you try to refine it down to facts and logical theories — the idea of “post-humans” inspires semi-religious awe and pseudo-atheistic backlash. It’s not the Nerd Rapture for nothing. Yeah, I know what you’re trying to get at here, of course — but it’s really, really hard for humans to theorize a world where they aren’t the same humans they are now without leaning to “Holy Crap we’re gonna be GODS!” or “Fuck you, we’re all gonna die buried under miles of plastic, first.” When you first pitched GMF against Bright Spume Future, y’know, I had this minute of wondering if you weren’t just fed up with all the shiny happy we’re all gonna hold hands and wear white future talk, too.

But I think there’s something to be gleaned from why people do or don’t want it, and, more importantly, why people do/don’t think it’ll happen. I mean, you can’t really trend tech without looking at what the population really wants and how they really want it, can you? Sure, in the fifties, everyone (in the US) was talking about flying cars and sky cities… but they were trending towards the suburbs and bigger back yards, weren’t they? Now, sure, the Nerd Delusion says “I wanna live forever” — but are we really trending towards that? News says we’ve got too many Baby Boomers and we’re all going to be broke when we retire (again, US viewpoint, here) — so who’s _honestly_ thinking about living forever? And yes, that’s short term, but it’s always been a balance of our need for movement versus our superstitions that drove us to evolve. Even back when those superstitions were just “Other creature bad” and our need for movement was just “Shit, food gone.”

All my, lemme just amend with this, all my ideas about where we’re going to be long after I’m dead… well they aren’t in this thread, and they don’t make a shit-ton of sense without a lot of prefacing and grains of salt. Which is why I’m just nattering up your space instead of adding anything relevant. But I will say we’re not going to hit an Anylarity, I don’t think, as long as we’re confined to one planet with the same gravity and atmosphere we’ve always had, and our gods haven’t changed much in thousands of years.

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The June Food Thread
Posted on June 11th, 2024 in offsite echoes

[This is only my side of a conversation, and may make more sense if you visit the original discussion on White chapel.]
Speaking of piggy bits: I don’t actually eat breakfast — my stomach doesn’t understand anything but caffeine until at least 5 hours in, but here’s how I do bacon and eggs.

Bacon and Mushrooms and Garlic and Eggs and Toast and Parmesan and Tomatoes and Avocado.

Takes about 20-30 minutes with bacon cooking time — and is all done in one pan and one plate, because I don’t much like cleaning up. See, here’s the thing about bacon. I know some of you make your bacon in the microwave, because it’s faster that way. But what you don’t get with microwave bacon is a nice, sizzling pan of bacon grease. And yes, I smoke two packs a day and eat bacon and one of those may very well kill me someday, but when I keel over after a life of eating piggies and smoking… well I’ll have had a life of eating piggies and smoking. No one lives forever.

So, I put the pan on the stove and slap four thick-cut slices in it before I turn the burner up to medium heat. It’s always tempting to try and cook bacon at a higher temp in an already hot pan — but it’s just not meant to be. While the bacon is warming up, I wash and dice a few mushrooms and some garlic (all my recipes have garlic. Well, the cookies don’t, but pretty much everything else does.). After I’ve turned the bacon a couples of times, I drain off a bit of the bacon grease (with thin-cut bacon this step can be skipped, there won’t be as much. With thick cut bacon you’ll have a bit too much oil if you don’t drain a bit) and toss the mushrooms and garlic in to brown along with. Then I grab two eggs and a slice of bread (I buy the short and wide loaves pretty specifically so that I can do this next bit) and cut two holes in the bread at the top and bottom corners.

The bacon should be about 2/3 done at this point, so I pull it out, chop it into manageable bites, stir the mushrooms and garlic around a bit, and toss everything back in the pan and push it over to the edge. (You may need to drain a little more grease off at this point. There’s death by arterial clogging, and then there’s just too much fat to deal with.) Then I toss the bread in the pan and let it sop and toast on both sides, and crack the eggs into the holes.

Slot Machine

Yum, yes, it’s a double egg in a basket. Delicious enough under normal circumstances, but double delicious with two eggs and triple delicious with bacon. While the egg-eyeball-toast is cooking on one side, slice up a few cherry tomatoes and half an avocado. There’s something like 8 million % of your daily RDA of protein in the pan, so you really do need a little fruit to even it out. When I flip the egg/toast, I sprinkle a little grated Parmesan on top and — as the bacon is done cooking now — move all the meat/mushroom/garlic on top to help the cheese melt before the eggs are done. I like my eggs a bit runny, so that’s how you do that.

Slide everything onto a plate, artfully arrange (read: scoop and toss) the tomatoes and avocado on top, and eat with fork and knife and yum.

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Mexico Advice
Posted on June 10th, 2024 in offsite echoes

[This is only my side of a conversation, and may make more sense if you visit the original discussion on White chapel.]
Aside from not bringing anything of value, what’s the best way to go about not getting killed, arrested, or abducted?
Don’t be a dick. Don’t offer people money if you get lost and need to ask directions. Start smoking if you don’t already, and trade in cigarette currency if you feel the need to repay the kindness of strangers. Say please and thank you. Smile a lot. Don’t drink anything but beer and bottled water, but don’t get drunk. Don’t fuck beautiful strangers. Don’t get drunk and fuck beautiful strangers. Don’t get drunk and offer to pay to fuck beautiful strangers. If you absolutely have to fuck a beautiful stranger, say please and thank you. And pay with cigarettes.

That should do it.

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The Weekly Listening Thread (9 June 08)
Posted on June 9th, 2024 in offsite echoes

[This is only my side of a conversation, and may make more sense if you visit the original discussion on White chapel.]
I don’t know if I’m liking The Black Angels’ Directions To See A Ghost better than/as much as/less than Passover — it’s… hum. It’s, well the recording quality seems a little bit better, but it’s taken the edge off. Or put a new edge on. I can’t decide. It’s less Vietnam, and more the drugs to beat the PTSD after, y’know? Maybe it’s a logical progression. It’s got that drone-edges-into-dizzy-psychedelic edge that really sounds like painkillers and self-medication, to beat a metaphor. I like “Mission District”, “Science Killer”, and “You on the Run”.
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More Playmate via Kelly Sue Nickelodeon
Wednesday August, 27 2024 07:05 PM PDT

Kelly Sue posted a photo:

More Playmate

From The Side Of The Ridge way via Warren Ellis
Wednesday August, 27 2024 03:30 PM PDT

The Ridge way is Britain’s oldest known road: a track way running eighty-odd miles across the south of England, curving over the tops of hills from the Hoeing Beacon to Ave bury in the west.

Last week I had to walk a couple of miles of it for the first time, arcing from the White Horse cut into the chalk hill at Kensington down along the Ridge way to reach Way land’s Smithy.

Did you ever walk a road that’s five thousand years old? People have been crossing the country on The Ridge way since Neolithic times. In some context: when the Ridge way first came into use, the average lifespan was around 35 years.

And those people were in the grip of massively disruptive conceptual revolution: the revolution of farming. The Ridge way was the connective tissue between these new things, settlements, forming on the dry chalk hills. And with the advent of the continuity of a generation or two in the same place for the first time came the first inkling of history.

The Ridge way predates the White Horse, and Way-land’s Smithy, and very probably Ave bury and Stonehenge. This is the path people walked when they first thought about how to talk to time.

I’ve read that it used to run longer — that it used to run down from the west to the southern coast of Dorset, and east all the way to the sea at Norfolk. A diagonal cut across the country from sea to sea.

Funny thing: walking the Ridge way, everyone who passed gave a smile and a sunny “Good afternoon!” or “Hello!”. Everyone, in other words, suddenly became terribly English.

Will Wheatstone’s 2024 PA Schedule via Will Wheaten
Wednesday August, 27 2024 02:47 PM PDT

Please excuse the indexing-friendly title. I hate it as much as you do, but I know there are literally fives of people on the Internets who may want to know this vital information for the coming weekend.

I’ll be at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend. I’m not keynoting, but I am on a couple of panels, and I will have a booth, stocked with all of my books, plus my glasses and my shoes, so I have them. I don’t have a ton of stuff, though, so you should probably drop everything you’re doing and go get in line right now.

My schedule looks shockingly similar to this:


3-4PM: Signing in my booth

7-8PM: Signing in my booth


3-4PM : Signing in my booth

6-7PM: Panel – “Is Casual Killing Core Games?” in the Raven Theater. This should be an interesting conversation. I don’t think casual is killing core gaming at all, but I’m interested to hear from people who think it is, and tell them why they’re so very very wrong.

7-8PM: Signing in my booth


11:30-12:30: “The Will Wheaten Panel!” in the Serpent Theater. I’m going to be honest: I don’t think a lot of people are going to come to this. There are two absolutely awesome panels at the same time, including Family Feud with Gabe and Tycho, and if the panel didn’t have my name in it, I would skip it, too. However, for those of you who will be in attendance, due to your sacred vow to never watch Family Feud, I’ll be reading from Happiest Days and Sunken Treasure, wand I’ll do a Q&A if there’s enough interest. We’ll have fun (oh yes, we’ll have fun. We always have fun, and we float, George! We all FLOAT DOWN HERE!) and it will be awesome.

12:15-PM: Signing in my booth

I reserve the right to bail on signings early if nobody’s there, and stay a little longer if that’s necessary.

Please, please, please come introduce yourself if you read my blog, especially if you’re a regular commented. It’s pretty awesome to have faces to go with the names.

the joys of unsubtle role playing via Will Wheaten
Wednesday August, 27 2024 02:06 PM PDT

Inspired by my previous post and its related conversation in the geek group, my friend Andrew and I have been talking, as we so often do, about our PG experiences. He said I could share this one:

Our college group wasn’t big on subtle role playing. The anecdote that best exemplifies our attitude comes from a random night encounter.

The mage was on guard, heard a rustle in the woods outside the camp, and immediately unleashed a fireball.

“You aren’t going to wait to see who it is?” asked the DM (different guy; we rotated). “What if it’s one of your friends?”

“They can take the damage,” replied the mage’s player.

End of encounter.

There are times to take Rps seriously (or so I’ve heard) but it’s time like these that I look forward to the most when I play a tabletop PG. If you listened to the Penny Arcade D&D podcasts (JIM DARK MAGIC FOR THE WIN!) you heard something remarkably similar to my friends and me playing.

well, just about everything, really. That’s sort of the whole reason we play games, isn’t it?

I’m going to PA this weekend, where I’m sure I’ll engage in quite a bit of the video gaming. I’m especially looking forward to playing Rock Band 2 with the Enforcers, but more than anything else, I’m excited to spend some time in the Original Wireless Gaming area, which I missed last year. It’s nothing but classic RPGs and hobby games, all donated and run by volunteers. Last year, there were opportunities to do a one-shot dungeon crawl, and I can’t wait to get on the list for one of those if they’re doing it again.

Getting Ready for his Playmate via Kelly Sue Nickelodeon
Wednesday August, 27 2024 01:32 PM PDT

Kelly Sue posted a photo:

Getting Ready for his Playmate

Those pants say they’re a size 2, but they’re clearly not. (Good to know: HOT TOPIC baby clothes are sized very small.)

Dear Reader via Jess Nevis
Wednesday August, 27 2024 01:20 PM PDT

I owe so many people e-mails. And Facebook comments. And various other things. And I thought I’d be done with research on Pulp Heroes by now, I really did, and I thought I could catch up on my obligations.

But, at this moment, I have twenty-one books on my desk, waiting for me to go through them and dig out whatever nuggets there are to be found. And more are on their way to me.

So I’m going to be submerged in research for a while longer, I’m afraid. I will get to e-mails and such eventually, I swear. But I have a three-volume Bibliography of Indian Literature to go through first, and somewhere in those 2200 pages is a Sherlock Holmes knockoff or two that I haven’t yet found. And I have around two hundred Bollywood films I need to get information on, since the Bollywood filmography of silent films hints that they may fit my book.

You get the idea.

the visual tool [9029] via Irene Karakorum
Wednesday August, 27 2024 12:58 PM PDT

Irene posted a photo:

Online Casino

the visual tool [9029]

I like stripes, so did Burn.

Betsy love: Seahorses via Irene Karakorum
Wednesday August, 27 2024 12:41 PM PDT

Design and illustration fads seem to dictate that there be some sort of particular animal to fetishist at any given moment. Over the past few years the trajectory has gone something like Birds/Swallows, Antlers, Deer, Birds, Moose, Antlers, Deer, Rabbits, Owls. I like the shape of antlers, I like rabbits and owls, but any fad image becomes boring pretty quickly. However, we seem to have come to sea creatures and I declare right now I will never, ever be tired of sea creatures.

They’re often delicate, always alien-looking and endlessly fascinating for me. Also I figure the steampunk fad leads us to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which has something to do with the popularity of tentacles and starfish and such on t-shirts, home accessories and jewelry lately. Maybe I’m reaching and it’s just a coincidence but hell if reading that book the other month didn’t make me want to command a vessel and dress myself only in seaweed and starfish. Ahem.

Anyway, I was thinking about this today as I trolled Betsy looking for inspiration and I found this fabulous jewelry artist named Laurie Brown who creates great stuff by casting real pygmy seahorses (among other things) in precious metals. I’m in love. Seahorses for everyone. I’m over antlers forever, honest.

underrated sci-fi movies and the geek group via Til Wheaten
Wednesday August, 27 2024 11:41 AM PDT

One of my favorite topics when I was writing Geek in Review was the Guilty Pleasures series. It gave me an excuse to watch movies without feeling like I was slacking off, and always generated entertaining discussions (and more than a few suggestions for other movies to use in future columns.)

When I checked in on The Geek Group at Propeller this morning, I saw something similar: Ten Truly Underrated Sci-Fi Movies.

Take a look, and let me know what you think. I wouldn’t have included Aron Flux, which tried real hard but couldn’t close the deal, but the rest of them are great, especially Primer, which never gets the respect it deserves.

I think Groups are where Propeller is going to set itself apart from the rest of the social news world, so I really want to build and nurture the Geek group. I think it’s a fantastic resource and if there’s enough participation, could become a wonderful place for geeks to gather and goof off – I already check in several times a day, even when I’m not doing admin work.

In support of that effort, I’m going to close comments on this post, so if you’re interested in commenting and stuff, you’ll do it there. (Bonus: the Conversations are a lot of fun, too. D&D geeks need to check out What’s the most audacious thing you’ve gotten away with in D&D?)

Playmate! via Kelly Sue Nickelodeon
Wednesday August, 27 2024 10:44 AM PDT

Kelly Sue posted a photo:


Wee Gives Henry Her Pasta via Kelly Sue Nickelodeon
Wednesday August, 27 2024 10:00 AM PDT

Kelly Sue posted a photo:

Wee Gives Henry Her Pasta

Notebook for 2024-08-26 via Warren Ellis
Wednesday August, 27 2024 05:00 AM PDT

my notebook, August 20 1998 – almost exactly a decade ago

>currently reading via Warren Ellis
Wednesday August, 27 2024 02:55 AM PDT

giant redwoods via Trier Bedlam
Tuesday August, 26 2024 10:14 PM PDT

Bellatrix posted a photo:

walk the line via Trier Bedlam
Tuesday August, 26 2024 10:13 PM PDT

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